Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 171 "Early Spring" ink, watercolor, pencil

March remains gray and raw.  I hung out in the car this morning before church and painted this scene across the street in my sketch book.  The pines are lovely against the sky, and I loved the sweet antique cape peeking out.  Spring is itching to burst forth, but is held in check with the low temperatures and the weekly storms we have had.  There is still snow on the ground, and it alternated between snow flurries and sleet for most of the day.  The trees are budding, which looks odd with a foot of snow on the ground.  
I found a small watercolor set in my studio, and used it today (see below).  The watercolor pans  produced color a little grainy, but I think I'll use it again.  I like the combination of colors, and it comes with a portable sable brush.   
This is my hundred seventy-first daily drawing.  Thank you for continuing to look at the world through my eyes.  

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