Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thayer Skyline and Current Exhibition

What a wonderful show opening tonight at Thayer Academy in Braintree.  Lots of friends (and new friends) came out to say hello. Lots of laughs and good conversation.  The show is hanging through December 18th; hope you'll come by to the Gallery in the first floor of the Southworth building.

And, here is my completed "Thayer Skyline"  11 x 14; hanging in the show.  

"Thayer Skyline" in process 11 x 14 oil

 Thayer Academy is a beautiful school in Braintree, MA.  Our Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge group is exhibiting in the lovely Thayer Gallery (1st floor of the Southworth Library) until Dec 18th.  Come see us at the opening, Nov 21 from 5-8pm.  

Here are the first three steps in my painting "Thayer Skyline", completed version on exhibit in the show.  I painted over an old floral study.  Sometimes I enjoy the puzzle of forming a new image over an old.  The underlying ground provides an interesting tone to the board.  The campus has a lovely shape, brick on brick and iconic tower.  I'll post the finished version later this week. 

Thanks for looking, hope to see you at the opening Thursday, Nov 21 5-8pm.  Come by to introduce yourself, say hi, have a bite to eat, and  take a look at our more than 100 paintings.

See you then. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Are You Free on Thursday?

Our painting challenge group has a show opening this Thursday night, November 21st, at Thayer Academy in Braintree.   We are a group of 12 local professionals who paint in response to a monthly challenge theme, and have been doing so for over four years.  The challenges are posted on the 1st of each month on our blog, Girls Just Wanna Paint

Please come see our show, a mixture of challenge paintings and our own larger works.  Come say hello, see our work hanging together in this beautiful space.  We'd love to meet you.

 The gallery is in the lower level of the Southworth Library on the Thayer Academy campus.  (See the arrow below.  You can park off Central Avenue.)  

Looking forward to seeing you.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Over Oberman's" - A Friendship, and A Swap

Over Oberman's  oil
 When we started visiting Monhegan Island ten or so years ago, I began visiting artists' studios.  On the walk down Horn Hill is a small fragment of shingle wedged in between a smaller couple of supporting sticks. The shingle quietly announces: "A. Simon  Tue, Thurs 2-4". It has an arrow.  Hmmmm.  Is there a Simon somewhere in there?  Man or woman?  And, where?  

The arrow points to a grassy knoll, with wonderful view over the village.  A. Simon.  So, I followed the arrow, and found a gap in a hedge.  Stepping through revealed a lovely old house, and studio perched on the side of the hill.   Turns out A. Simon is Arline Simon, of Yonkers and Monhegan Island, wife of artist Moe Oberman. Her work is exciting!  And, though my family moved from New York when I was of pre-school age, Arline's quick wit and accent felt like coming home. 

Tam's Notch by Arline Simon
Soon after, I began my Arline Simon collection with a striking image of Manana which I cherish. Visiting Arline in her studio has become one of the highlights of our Monhegan visits. 

This past summer, I was admiring one of Arline's pieces.  She and I talked about a trade.  Arline and Moe planned to look at my site to choose something, but didn't have a chance before we were heading off Island Saturday morning.  Just before the ferry pulled in, Arline came down the hill and handed me a bag containing her painting and a bouquet of wildflowers. (Tradition says, flowers given to you as you leave the island mean you will return.)  So moving.
With Arline at the dock

 We communicated this fall about completing our   trade, but hadn't yet succeeded when an invitation  arrived for Arline's semi-annual show at the Upstream Gallery in Dobb's Ferry, NY.  Long story a little shorter, I did a painting of Arline and Moe's home from above on the grassy knoll; we headed off to New York to surprise Arline at her opening, to see her new work (which is striking!), and to complete the exchange.  So glad we did.  Arline and Moe were so surprised!  We also had a chance to meet Jerry Vis,  to see his wonderful work and talk about his process.  Great weekend all around!
With Arline at Upstream Gallery

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Tower" 6 x 6 oil

The Thayer Academy Tower, seen from the back across some rooftops.  I love the H.H. Richardson-esque tower with its graceful bricks in shadow, with the slate roofs in the foreground.  What a beautiful campus.
My painting group, Girls Just Wanna Paint, has a group show at Thayer Academy from November 18 - December 18, with an opening reception on November 21 from 5-8 pm. We are putting the final touches on our work, and hanging soon!

As always, thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

"Makeup Quiz" 6 x 6 oil

The Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for October was "makeup".  Makeup.  I use it once in a while, but wanted a different take on the idea.  My October was filled with college applications, middle school math, and Red Sox proceeding through the fall to win the World Series.  I considered a "make up call", and realized I was a little too entrenched in the baseball games, and the late nights.  I opted for "makeup quiz", that time many of us have spent in a minimally populated room, trying not to rush, but feeling a little out of synch and out of rhythm.  These three are doing a great job concentrating... wonder how they fared? 

By the way, my classroom looks nothing like this sensory deprivation chamber; I have tables that fit two or a crowded three students.  My walls are covered with maps and posters, and visuals.  I love the space, albeit a little small.  Thanks for looking at my work, as always, love to hear from you.