Sunday, September 17, 2023

"After Breakfast" 9 x 12 gouache - on the summer porch


We have breakfast on our porch in the summer.  After breakfast, I looked up and saw the tray sparkling in the sun, and had to paint it.  I see it as a plein air still life, and I was especially drawn to the juice cans shining in the shadow.  

Gouache is such an interesting medium; flat, and can be used as a wash or thicker and opaque.  It layers beautifully and I love applying it with impasto, like oil.  It feels fresh and juicy. 

A little back story.  A few years ago, during my middle-school math teaching career, my husband decided to sign on as a substitute teacher in our K-12 charter school.  He subbed on eleven separate days.  He finally understood what my teaching day was like, and has made me breakfast every day since.  Happily, this has continued in to my retirement!  Lucky me.

As usual, thanks for looking.  You know I love your comments and questions.