Sunday, November 18, 2018

Daily Drawing 412 "MSW Studio" ink&watercolor 5 x 8 - love an open studio day

The 4th Floor Artists of Rockland, MA have been running open studios since the mid-1990s.  Their two buildings house dozens of artists' studios in all shapes and sizes.  I love visiting during the November open house.  Yesterday, I spent a while hanging out with my friend and artist Mary Sheehan-Winn.  She is such a terrific painter.  While we chatted, I did a sketch of one of her fascinating walls with paintings and a few choice objects artfully placed among the white-painted studs.  Sweet afternoon. I added some watercolor when I returned home. 
This is my four hundred twelfth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking. 

Daily Drawing 413 "Liberty in the Morning" 5 x 8 ink&watercolor

While my husband ran book group at our church this morning, I opted for some art-in-the-car time instead. This lovely antique building is The Liberty Grille, a nice pub and local restaurant.  I like its slightly crooked lines and the proportions of its windows to walls.   A little research showed me the building originated in 1722.  You can read more about the building through this Hingham Historical Society link.  There was nice, soft light this morning, and quiet streets, as a few people crossed here and there for breakfast dates.  
This is my four hundred thirteenth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.  

Friday, November 09, 2018

Daily Drawing 404 "Professional Development Day" pen & ink 3 x 5

 Today we had a full day of professional development at school while our students began a 4 day weekend.  It was a good day with my colleagues covering safety, formative assessments, grading, and providing a chance to spend a little social time with my co-workers, which is rare in our busy, busy days.  It's good for us to have time to talk about how to do the best for our students.  I had time for a few sketches during our faculty meeting this morning.  
This is my four hundred fourth daily drawing.  Thank you for your interest and attention. 

Daily Drawing 400 "OT Win!!" pen & ink 10 x 3

 Our daughter arranged a Bruins' game for us earlier this week.  We were up pretty high, where you could see all the Bruins and Celtics championship banners hanging from the rafters, as well as the plays forming on the ice below.  The people around us were great, a group of 11 year old hockey players over our right shoulders, and a group of international young-ish business people behind us, all speaking English, but with a German accent, French, English, etc... and lots of laughter.  There were a couple of young guys in front of us who began conversation with our daughter's boyfriend over game strategy.  The jumb-o-tron was a constant display of fans waving and dancing to music.  We had a blast, and I did my daily drawing from up high.  You can see several stages of my drawing here in the post. 
This is my four hundredth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking!