Friday, November 09, 2018

Daily Drawing 400 "OT Win!!" pen & ink 10 x 3

 Our daughter arranged a Bruins' game for us earlier this week.  We were up pretty high, where you could see all the Bruins and Celtics championship banners hanging from the rafters, as well as the plays forming on the ice below.  The people around us were great, a group of 11 year old hockey players over our right shoulders, and a group of international young-ish business people behind us, all speaking English, but with a German accent, French, English, etc... and lots of laughter.  There were a couple of young guys in front of us who began conversation with our daughter's boyfriend over game strategy.  The jumb-o-tron was a constant display of fans waving and dancing to music.  We had a blast, and I did my daily drawing from up high.  You can see several stages of my drawing here in the post. 
This is my four hundredth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking!

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