Sunday, September 30, 2018

"September Glory" oil 12 x 16

The Girls Just Wanna Paint Theme for September was "local".  I painted late in the day out by our local scenic river, the North River.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I shifted the sky from the blue when I began to the more muted, warm clouds that settled in as dusk approached.  I have not been out behind my easel for awhile, and I loved it!  There was a breeze, and boats navigating the water as they enjoyed a few last days of warmth.  Tomorrow is October!  I love this spot. 

Day 365 "September Dusk" ink, watercolor, pencil 6 x 9

It's day 365!!  I have completed a drawing each day for a year.  It's a reminder how fast a year passes, and I have enjoyed looking back through the 365 days this afternoon.  As a review, last October 1st, I committed to participating in Inktober, a drawing using ink every day of October.  Thank you to my friend Sally Dean for suggesting the endeavor.  I completed a drawing every day of October, and knew right away on November 1st, that I was not finished... so I continued on.  Each of my drawings was completed that day, including the two days in May I spent in the hospital having my knee replaced.  Each drawing took between 1/2 hour to about 3 hours to complete.  There were a few days when it was a stretch to get the drawing completed. I have drawn waiting for trains, planes, appointments, at restaurants, coffee shops, school meetings, movie theaters.  I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I go, and have set up a "cave" of easily-reached supplies next to my seat in the living room.  Many of the drawings include watercolor, pastel, markers, pencils, watercolor pencils, or a combination of them.  
I have enjoyed the year, and will continue tomorrow with day 366.  
Thank you so much for following along!   
This is  drawing of our beautiful North River late in the day.  

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Day 349 "Happy 23rd Birthday" 12 x 9 pen & ink

Today is our daughter's 23 birthday.  She loved the drawing I did of our porch a few weeks ago, and said she loved it without the paint in it.  So... not a sentence I recommend saying to an artist, but she knows my work, and knows what she likes and I found no offense.  Today I drew our porch for her 23rd birthday and gave it to her tonight at dinner.  She was thrilled, and it will hang in her new apartment.  So nice to have original art!!  Flattered to be in on the ground floor of her collection. We went to dinner tonight, embarrassed her with a small cake and had a wonderful evening. 
Here is the original image with color to the right, the one she liked without color.  Both have her collection of succulents which will move from the porch to her apartment in the next few weeks.  
This is my 349th daily drawing.  Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Day 329 "Morning Space" 12 x 9 pen, ink, watercolor, pastel

This summer, we spent time every morning on our farmer's porch, drinking coffee, watching the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels move from feeder to feeder in the yard.  It is a wonderful space.  Now that school has begun, I am finding about 10 minutes each morning to sit on the porch and collect my thoughts before heading off to my day.  I made sure to grab some time out there this weekend despite it being moving weekend for our daughter into Boston.  I love the reflections of the yard into the vintage mirror hanging on the wall above our daughter's succulent collection, which will follow her into town within the month.  
This is my three hundred twenty-ninth daily drawing.  Thank you so much for your continued interest.  I began a brand new sketchbook with this drawing, and labeled the inside cover with my name, and "September - ".  Both my husband and daughter wondered aloud about the year, and the rest of the date.  I will fill it in when I finish the book.  It has 60 pages.  Sometimes I put more than one drawing on a page, so we'll see how long this book lasts.  

Day 323 "Birds' Eye View" or "Birds Watch Tourists" 6 x 9 pen&ink

This year began what might be a new tradition.  The night before school starts for me, we went out to a movie and dinner.  My room was ready, my plans ready, my head back in the game... if we stayed home, I would keep reviewing plans for the days and weeks ahead.  Instead, we headed out.  We went to Plimouth Plantation, which has a nice art movie house and saw "Puzzle", a quiet, interesting movie about a woman who changes her life, prompted by a birthday gift of a jigsaw puzzle.  I liked it.  Then we headed to downtown Plymouth and ate dinner on the second floor of a restaurant.  When I looked over my shoulder out the window, I saw a pair of birds, sitting on the ledge, looking down upon the passing tourists.  I'm sure they were interested in any crumbs or more that hit the street, but I loved the point of view.
This is my three hundred twenty-third daily drawing.  Thank you for looking.  

Days 320 and 321 Marshfield Fair Drawings pen & ink and pencils

 More quick sketches from the Marshfield Fair.  We go almost every night to walk around, look at the festivities, visit with friends and perhaps have a meal.  I decided to leave the sketchbook home and just brought a folded piece of sketch paper in my pocket.  The first drawing is from the stools at the Fair clam shack, and the second through the door down in the Horticulture area of the Agricultural Hall.
These are days 320 and 321 
of my daily drawings.  Thank you for your continued interest. 

Day 319 "Quilters at the Fair" 9 x 9 pen & ink

I love the Marshfield Fair, and volunteer there frequently each August.  It is enjoyable to watch the activity increase and the buildings fill during the weeks and days ahead. In the Agricultural Hall, country arts and crafts are submitted upstairs, and quilts are hung from wires strung among the rafters.  Each year, a table of quilters works during the fair, piecing together quilts from squares entered to the annual themed contest.  I love the dimensions built by these beautiful hand made treasures hanging throughout the building.
This is my three hundred nineteenth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.