Sunday, September 30, 2018

Day 365 "September Dusk" ink, watercolor, pencil 6 x 9

It's day 365!!  I have completed a drawing each day for a year.  It's a reminder how fast a year passes, and I have enjoyed looking back through the 365 days this afternoon.  As a review, last October 1st, I committed to participating in Inktober, a drawing using ink every day of October.  Thank you to my friend Sally Dean for suggesting the endeavor.  I completed a drawing every day of October, and knew right away on November 1st, that I was not finished... so I continued on.  Each of my drawings was completed that day, including the two days in May I spent in the hospital having my knee replaced.  Each drawing took between 1/2 hour to about 3 hours to complete.  There were a few days when it was a stretch to get the drawing completed. I have drawn waiting for trains, planes, appointments, at restaurants, coffee shops, school meetings, movie theaters.  I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I go, and have set up a "cave" of easily-reached supplies next to my seat in the living room.  Many of the drawings include watercolor, pastel, markers, pencils, watercolor pencils, or a combination of them.  
I have enjoyed the year, and will continue tomorrow with day 366.  
Thank you so much for following along!   
This is  drawing of our beautiful North River late in the day.  

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