Sunday, April 28, 2019

Days 572 and 573 Dinner at a Pub - Coaster Art

It's nice to draw in a pub; lots of activity, people, interesting decor and interesting overlap of foreground to background, and often a view out the window with backlighting.  I carry some blank coasters with me, and draw on them, adding watercolor later.  The texture is interesting and super absorbent... coaster's job.  We ate at McGreevy's in Boston the other night, great food and a fun pub atmosphere.  The Red Sox game was cancelled as the skies opened up just after the game's starting time.... soggy fans poured in.  The onslaught got the kitchen confused and our food was delayed.  We didn't care.  It gave me more time to draw, and to enjoy dinner with my husband and daughter. The first two drawings were made while sitting in the pub, and the third from a photo I took out front as we left. 
These are my five hundred seventy-second and third daily drawings.  Thank you for your continued interest.    

Daily Drawing 536 "Crosstalk" pen & ink

I love the motion and the hubbub of the city streets; buildings against the sky creating fascinating negative space while the overlapping elements down below provide patterns and shapes.  
This is a vignette I captured on Newbury Street one afternoon while this man hustled across on front of me, as many people do... phone to ear, hunched over, missing the beauty around him, in that moment.  Maybe he looked up a few minutes later and sauntered down the street taking it all in.  I hope so.  
This is my five hundred thirty-sixth daily drawing. Thank you, as always, for your interest and your comments.   

Monday, April 15, 2019

Day 560 and more - Patterns in Doodles

 Sometimes I create my daily drawing at night, and am interested in exploring patterns, without intent.  I will lay down an asymmetrical grid pattern and begin mark-making.  Occasionally, the lines are more organic, other times more structural.  Interestingly, I almost always draw my sketchbook work that is representational using straight lines, seldom curves.  But, when I doodle these structures, I often opt for curved lines.  As I fill in the space, I am sometimes driven by the density of lines in the grid, and will look for where more detail is needed. 

These are interesting to me... expect to see more in the future. As always, thank you for looking.  I appreciate your interest, and your comments. 

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Day 552 "At the Grille" coaster art, ink & watercolor

Last night, we took our daughter and two friends to dinner in Boston at Woody's Grille & Tap.  We love this nice little spot, good selection of beers, great pizza and burgers.  It was so nice to listen to the smart, sassy, engaged conversation of these three young women who care about each other and the world.  Meanwhile, I made some new "coaster art".  I draw on the coaster at the table, and add watercolor later, from how I remember the scene.  We had a lovely night.. 
This is my five hundred fifty-second daily drawing.  Thank you for your interest, and for following my daily drawing adventures.