Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Coming and Going" oil 12 x 12

 Our local art association held its 41st annual art festival this past weekend; music, art in the streets, artisans, great food, all in a lovely New England neighborhood.  It's a magical weekend, rain or shine. I paint in the streets both days, and enjoy chatting with people as they stop by. I especially love the children who pause.  I usually engage them with some questions about what I'm doing and ask their opinion about choices I'm considering.  They love looking at the tubes of paint, and the "secret compartment" in my pochade box where I keep them.  When I'm lucky, a child or two will visit multiple times to check in, as happened this weekend with an interesting 9-year old named Zach.  
The Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for this past month is "refresh".  "Coming and Going" is my take on "refresh".  I have painted for years at
the art festival, almost always painting the main building, the G.A.R. Hall.  This year, I turned away from the main building to paint the new food trucks and the lovely brick-ender on the street.  It was refreshing to change my annual view.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

"Inside Out" complete oil 8 x 10

The Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for last month was "imagination".  I found myself returning to a living situation I imagine for myself whenever I'm in Boston, which is frequently these days.  I invented an imaginary living room with view of the lovely vintage rooftops I enjoy seeing carved against the sky.  I posted the painting on the GJWP site as a work in progress, not completely resolved.  Here is the completed painting with a few adjustments.
I've had a thing for casement windows, maybe since I first saw Greer Garson in "Mrs Miniver" looking out her English village casement windows at her pilot son in the R.A.F.  who would tip his wing to her as he flew over the house. I added a version of casement windows to my imaginary Boston abode.  I pushed the light and dark in the composition, and added some more interest in the apartment.  
You can see all the imagination challenge paintings Here.  As always, thanks for looking.