Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"With Sprinkles' oil 8 x 6

It was my turn to choose  for September's Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge.  I chose "with", to the perplexed looks of my fellow painters.  However, prepositions can provide very interesting subjects.. through, in, over, under.  I like them all.  

There is a lovely spot in the next town over where they make their own ice cream, and stay open until Halloween! That's unusual here for an outdoor eatery. There is an iconic pink truck parked out front and the spotted dairy cow motif is prevalent.  I like the west-facing window, and the affect of the low sun late in the day.  My daughter's friend ordered Pumpkin Oreo the other day.  Most ice cream shops needn't create fall flavors, but this one does.  I took a bite, and it was delicious, all those hints of nutmeg, cinnamon that a pumpkin pie has.   

After bouncing the theme of "with" around in my head for awhile, "with affection", "with aplomb", "once more with feeling!", I opted for "with sprinkles".  Check out the rest of our challenge paintings here.   Thanks for looking!