Sunday, January 27, 2019

Day 483 "Undefeated" pen, ink, watercolor 5 x 8

My 10-year old nephew is playing some indoor soccer this winter.  I love to go watch these guys run around the playing field.  They are so much better than I imagined 10-year olds could be. Each has their own playing personality, and they aren't afraid to dribble the ball around opponents, throw fakes, and are now learning to use the boards for ricocheting the ball back into the play.   Great stuff!!!  I like finding my way through the rabbit warren of halls in this sports arena, sitting in the stands listening to all the chatter between parents, while I visit with my sister-in-law.  My brother is the coach... or assistant coach, of soccer, coach of baseball, and will be coaching an indoor baseball clinic this winter with 90 4-5th graders.  Good for him.  He's amazingly patient with the boys who are organized chaos.  I can see their progress week to week.  
Enjoyed watching them play this afternoon, a good, solid victory. BTW, I'm not sure why the ref looks like he's doing the Charleston.  Just happened.
This is my four hundred eighty-third daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Day 482 "BLT Bagel" pen & ink - A little time in the local coffee shop

Lots to do on a Saturday... car repair, groceries, laundry, end-of-quarter grades, and so on.  A break in the local coffee shop is always a treat... especially with sketchbook in hand. I'm working with my new Copic Multiliner, which I love.  We found a sunny table by the window and I suspended the laws of perspective a little so you could see my yummy BLT bagel and the counter behind and Gunther Tooties shop.  Their food and staff are great.  Last month, in fact, exactly a month ago, I was with my daughter in another Gunther Tooties a few towns north of here, and I blogged about my view out the window and the fascinating conversation that day. Love the coffee shops, or maybe it's about the decadence of spending some time just sitting and taking in the day.
This is my four hundred eighty-second daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest, I appreciate hearing from you and your input about my work. You can see all my daily drawing collected on Instagram @jodypaints.  Come follow me! 

Day 481 "Westward" and the beautiful North River

 We live by a beautiful river.  Its personality changes from day to day and season to season. I have painted it a number of times (you can see below), even once just using paper.  The marsh changes color over the months, bringing the promise of spring when the first green tips show on the grass.  Initially, the green is so subtle, you aren't quite sure you are seeing the evidence of spring.  Is it a shadow, a mirage, a shift in the sunlight through the clouds? Within a day, the new green fronds reveal themselves without any doubt.  Last week, we had sheets of ice on top of the marsh.  It is a daily wonder. Tonight we pulled in at sunset and saw the sun lighting up the river and the clouds above.  Stunning.  How blessed are we.  
This is my four hundred eighty-first daily drawing.  Thank you for looking.  

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Day 456 "Liberty Grille Coaster" lunch date

Today was the last day of my winter vacation; school begins again tomorrow.  It was a lovely, restful day including a walk through Hingham Village to The Liberty Grille for a leisurely lunch. I drew on both sides of my coaster, and painted them later at home.  Sweet spot, nice day, brisk walk to and from.  Back to work tomorrow.
This is my 456th daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.   

Day 455 "Safe Passage" gouache on paper 12 x 12

The Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge for this month is the theme "passage".  Usually, I think about the theme, and I wind up with several ideas and mental pictures from which to choose.  But, "passage" had me a bit flummoxed.  I thought about Bible passages (I'm no expert, and didn't want to illustrate a narrative), then about passages to other places as in the "The Secret Garden", then about "rites of passage" in life... but still, no interesting visuals came to mind.  Then, I began searching for images of "safe passage". I discovered an organization called Safe Passage, originating in the Chicago area. It involves Chicago Police-trained volunteers providing a safe passage for students to and from school in neighborhoods where violence is the norm.  This model has expanded to other cities as well.  I explored several design ideas for presenting the Safe Passage volunteer as a barrier to violence.  You can see the designs below.  

From the beginning, my idea was not to present the guard completely, but as an obstruction between any violence and the stream of children behind.  As a teacher, this research was a good reminder for me, how much many children deal with before they even arrive in a classroom seat.   The Safe Passage model has expanded to a number of cities.  Glad to see it. 
Thank you for looking.