Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Daily Drawing 449 "Quincy Center" ink & watercolor

Some time in a coffee shop while drawing, with my daughter while she knit... that was our big plan for today, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day.  We set out, explored a few neighborhoods, and wound up at Gunther Tooties Bagel and Coffee shop in Quincy center.  We frequent one of their shops in our neighborhood; food is fresh, made with care in a pleasant environment. We took some stools by the window where I could see the traffic through the newly-arranged square, and we hung out.  There was a fascinating conversation at a a nearby table, on which, by the way, we did not eavesdrop, they were loud.  We would have had to leave... was it a breakup?  Was it an analysis of a first or second date?  Was it verbal sparring for the un-fun of it?  At one point, he said, "why did we need to come out for food to have this conversation?"  By the way, she ordered the chicken noodle soup, while he asked for ice water... part of the fun of hanging out in a coffee shop.  They left abruptly, got into the same car, though about 2 minutes apart, and drove off together.  Who knows?  Could be the start of a very interesting story, and I hope the right thing happens for the two of them, whatever that is. This is my four hundred forty-ninth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest in my daily efforts.


  1. This drawing is awesome but, my curiosity about what the heck happened at the next table is piqued. :D
    Also, 449 is a favorite number. Mu mama's address<3

    1. Yes, so interesting... part of the fun of time in a coffee shop. Just an interesting slice of life. No idea what happened with the young couple, but I hope for the best.