Sunday, September 02, 2018

Day 323 "Birds' Eye View" or "Birds Watch Tourists" 6 x 9 pen&ink

This year began what might be a new tradition.  The night before school starts for me, we went out to a movie and dinner.  My room was ready, my plans ready, my head back in the game... if we stayed home, I would keep reviewing plans for the days and weeks ahead.  Instead, we headed out.  We went to Plimouth Plantation, which has a nice art movie house and saw "Puzzle", a quiet, interesting movie about a woman who changes her life, prompted by a birthday gift of a jigsaw puzzle.  I liked it.  Then we headed to downtown Plymouth and ate dinner on the second floor of a restaurant.  When I looked over my shoulder out the window, I saw a pair of birds, sitting on the ledge, looking down upon the passing tourists.  I'm sure they were interested in any crumbs or more that hit the street, but I loved the point of view.
This is my three hundred twenty-third daily drawing.  Thank you for looking.  

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