Sunday, September 23, 2018

Day 349 "Happy 23rd Birthday" 12 x 9 pen & ink

Today is our daughter's 23 birthday.  She loved the drawing I did of our porch a few weeks ago, and said she loved it without the paint in it.  So... not a sentence I recommend saying to an artist, but she knows my work, and knows what she likes and I found no offense.  Today I drew our porch for her 23rd birthday and gave it to her tonight at dinner.  She was thrilled, and it will hang in her new apartment.  So nice to have original art!!  Flattered to be in on the ground floor of her collection. We went to dinner tonight, embarrassed her with a small cake and had a wonderful evening. 
Here is the original image with color to the right, the one she liked without color.  Both have her collection of succulents which will move from the porch to her apartment in the next few weeks.  
This is my 349th daily drawing.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Happy B-Day from us also, even if belated. The pictures are both pretty to me,💖

    1. Thanks, Susi. I love that my daughter enjoys original art.