Sunday, November 18, 2018

Daily Drawing 412 "MSW Studio" ink&watercolor 5 x 8 - love an open studio day

The 4th Floor Artists of Rockland, MA have been running open studios since the mid-1990s.  Their two buildings house dozens of artists' studios in all shapes and sizes.  I love visiting during the November open house.  Yesterday, I spent a while hanging out with my friend and artist Mary Sheehan-Winn.  She is such a terrific painter.  While we chatted, I did a sketch of one of her fascinating walls with paintings and a few choice objects artfully placed among the white-painted studs.  Sweet afternoon. I added some watercolor when I returned home. 
This is my four hundred twelfth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Mary’s wall. Great sketch. Mary is how I found your blog. Yay!

  2. Thanks, Jo. I spent the nicest hour hanging out with Mary in her studio, such beautiful work.

  3. Thanks, Susi. My friend Mary Sheehan Winn's studio is a place of comfort and beauty.

  4. It was a delightful visit and I am so honored to have been gifted with this wonderful drawing.
    Happy New Year dearest.

    1. Happy New Year, back. So glad you love the drawing... and I loved our time together and our story that accompanies the time. Just lovable fun.