Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day 379 "Arts Walk" 5 x 9 pen&ink

Today was the Hingham Arts Walk, a beautiful fall event during which artists are  on the street, and in many of the businesses and galleries, showing and/or creating their art.  My Girls Just Wanna Paint group gathered to paint in the round at the community center.  Though we paint to a theme each month, we rarely paint together as a group.  It was lots of fun, with tons of visitors.  We painted around a still life in the center of the table, lit almost from the top.  Each of us has a 
 different style so the paintings each have a different feel.  I began by washing in the shadow areas, then painted into the shadows, holding back on the light areas until the last half hour or so.  My finished painting will be posted later, after I tweak it a little bit.  
This is my three hundred seventy-ninth daily drawing. I enjoyed doing a quick sketch of today's event, and enjoyed the event immensely.  Thanks for your continued interest. 



  1. Looks like a great day, thanks for sharing. I also went and looked at the Math blog and was hooked for a while. I’m smiling.

    1. Thanks, Jo. It was such a great day painting with my group and chatting with all the visitors. A few of my students came by, which was great treat.