Sunday, October 07, 2018

Day 372 "Sunday Picnic" ink & watercolor 9 x 12

Today was a lovely, warm day for first week of October.  My husband and I took a picnic out onto the Scituate jetty; just enough breeze, wonderful smell of salt and sea, and lots of people clambering over the rocks, including families, a couple in almost matching tie die shirts, an engaged couple being photographed, some people fishing, and children building a wall of rocks on the jetty with that lasts-about-15-minutes urgency on a task that eight year olds can summon at will.  
I took the time to make today's daily drawing, showing the constant stream of jetty walkers, and I added a little watercolor wash when we got home.   It was a lovely day.   As always, thank you for looking. 


  1. I follow your blog and look at every post. Just no time to comment. I like your style and the way you capture moments of life. This one portrays the warmth and relaxed day. Lovely. So happy you share with us.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I love capturing the moments of my life, so glad you are enjoying them.