Thursday, November 07, 2013

"Makeup Quiz" 6 x 6 oil

The Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for October was "makeup".  Makeup.  I use it once in a while, but wanted a different take on the idea.  My October was filled with college applications, middle school math, and Red Sox proceeding through the fall to win the World Series.  I considered a "make up call", and realized I was a little too entrenched in the baseball games, and the late nights.  I opted for "makeup quiz", that time many of us have spent in a minimally populated room, trying not to rush, but feeling a little out of synch and out of rhythm.  These three are doing a great job concentrating... wonder how they fared? 

By the way, my classroom looks nothing like this sensory deprivation chamber; I have tables that fit two or a crowded three students.  My walls are covered with maps and posters, and visuals.  I love the space, albeit a little small.  Thanks for looking at my work, as always, love to hear from you. 

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