Saturday, March 10, 2018

Day 156 "Into the Woods" 30 x 40 acrylic

I have a good friend who is a master gardener, which I am not.  She called yesterday to ask if I could help her out.  She was putting together several entries for her local garden club to be exhibited at the Boston Flower and Garden Show opening this week.  One of her entries is in a category called "the potting shed".  She asked me to paint a path into the woods, which will be inset into a 30 x 40 inch window with potting shed props surrounding it.  Here is my take on the path into the woods, which I painted out of my head.  It looks very good inside the "potting shed" window.  I attached a few extra pictures here of my lovely cat, Maggie, hanging out with me while I painted.  She loves knowing what's going on, and attacks the paintbrush whenever it gets too near.  The painting is 30" by 40" and is acrylic on paper.  I don't usually use acrylics, but this was fun, and interesting.  I delivered it tonight and it looks great in the window.  
This is my hundred fifty-sixth daily drawing, though this is a drawing with paint.  Thank you for your continued interest.   


  1. This is fun and a break for you from your usual….. Turned out very nice and fresh looking. I’m smiling.

  2. Thanks, Jo. It was a departure, done quickly, bigger than I usually paint, and destined as the backdrop for a garden show set. We'll see how it looks in its role.