Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 159 "Blackout" mixed 12 x 9

We had our third nor'easter in two weeks this week. One of our big trees up front went over in the wind, snapped the high voltage wire then lay across the remaining wires, cutting power for the street.  It went with a bang.  We called the police who sent someone to close the road.  This morning a crew removed the tree, then another crew restored electricity this afternoon.  Winter was calm until the beginning of March, and it hasn't stopped.  Rumor has it there is something coming next week again.  We have a wood stove here to keep us warm, and oil lamps, and a new flashlight that does the trick.  My hundred fifty-ninth drawing is our tabletop where my husband red by oil lamp, and I drew.  We heated soup atop the wood stove.  Great to have warm food.  Today I graded papers at the local coffee shop and talked with a tree crew member who had stopped in for a cup of coffee.  He told me he was just back from 100 days in St. Thomas.  We have no right to whine about a few days without power when our neighbors are struggling as they are. 
Thanks for looking at my 159th drawing, and for joining me on my drawing adventure.

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