Friday, March 09, 2018

Day 155 "Zakim Dusk" ink and pastel 5 x 9

I love the Zakim Bridge in Boston.  It is sleek, angular, graceful.  I enjoy its the views of shifting space as you drive to it and through it.  Recently, we were heading north out of Boston at dusk while approaching the Zakim bridge. The sky shouted out its last gasp of color as the headlights came one in the steady stream of traffic.  A few years ago, my husband, daughter and I rode the Duck Boat tour of Boston on my birthday.   It was a blast, and we drove under the Zakim on a sort of utility road that lead to the harbor.  I reveled in the new views of the Zakim Bridge above.  This is my hundred fifty-fifth daily drawing.  Truth is, I don't know from day to day what I'll draw until I sit down with my sketchbook in front of me.  This is an interesting endeavor.  Can't wait to see what's next.  Thank you for looking. 

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