Thursday, March 08, 2018

Day 151 "Bottom of Beacon" pen&ink 6x9

Last weekend I was in Boston briefly.  I was a little early so had a few minutes to hang in the car and draw.  I began this drawing of the beautiful row of buildings where Beacon Street intersects Charles street.  I drew from the car.  I often being by defining the space with the skyline of the buildings, thinking about the negative space as the composition grows.  Here is my start, and above, the completed drawing.  What is that little green truffula tree doing on my dashboard, you might ask?  Years ago, we went to a friend's wedding and the tables were designated with these cute little trees.  For some reason, we took ours, and attached it to the dashboard where it has stayed all these years.  
This is my hundred fifty-first daily drawing.  Thank you, as always, for looking.  

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