Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Day 153 "Thinking" 8 x 9 mixed

During our recent days without power, we had time to read, play games, and play with our cats.  Here is our cat Maggie, sitting and thinking about the paper towel tube in which I had placed a pencil.  She sat and looked and thought... then dove at the tube, digging out the pencil with ferocity.  She is quick... so quick.  This is my hundred fifty third daily drawing.  I drew in pen, added some gray marker, then used china white pencil to add a few highlights and whiskers.  Thanks for looking, as always. 


  1. This is a good story and a great drawing!

    1. Thanks, Sheryl. I feel like I captured some of the drama of the "light by oil lamp" we enjoyed during our days of no power last weekend.