Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 160 "High Wire Act" ink and marker 6 x 9

The  Eversource crew are my heroes!  We had our third nor'easter in two weeks during the last two days.  One of our trees went over, took out the high voltage wire with an explosion, then hung itself on the remaining wires, hanging over the street.  We called the police who closed the road.  The tree remained that way overnight, and the crews came today to remove the tree, and to repair the wires.  Heat and light!!  They were great, and are working so hard.  We have been here over two decades, and have had big storms, lost no trees. The wind in these storms has been bigger than I've felt here.  I spoke to one of the line repair crew today while hanging at the local coffee shop and grading.  He told me he hasn't been home (Florida) since October 26th.  He spent 100 days in St. Thomas, which was blasted by two category 5 storms last fall.  Is weather getting more dramatic?  Seems that way today. 
My hundred sixtieth daily drawing is the heroes from Eversource who restored our electricity today.  Thanks for looking at my drawings, and for following my journey to date.  

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