Saturday, December 09, 2017

"Six Steeples" 10 x 20 watercolor pencil multi

Here are six versions of the New North Church Steeple.  I posted about the upper right four recently.  My goal is to create a larger version which will be scanned and scaled up as a banner at the church.  I used some tracing paper to transfer the smaller version of the steeple, trying four treatments, then scaled up mathematically onto the larger paper.  The ratio is 2 to 1, height to width.  I came up with a scale of 1 inch to 2.75 inches small drawing to larger drawing, then used that to divide the smaller drawing and the bigger each into seven horizontal bands.  My seventh graders have been working on proportions, so this would be a nice problem to popse to them.  
The larger steeple is currently rendered in a couple of colors of blue watercolor pencil.  I'm going to apply water to make the color more uniform, then should be finished.   This is my sixty-ninth daily drawing.  I am getting a lot of satisfaction and a lot of positive feedback.  Thank you for looking.

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