Sunday, December 03, 2017

"September Dusk" oil 8 x 6

Have you ever had an urge as you are walking or driving along... an insistent urge to stop, mid-thought, or mid-sentence, or mid-stride, to pause and look because the beauty of the moment takes your breath away?  I feel these moments in the city, out here in the suburbs, when traveling, and sometimes stepping out my front door to begin the day.  They come with a sense of peace and inner quiet and thankfulness for being alive. "September Dusk" captures one of those moments, the moments just after the sun has set but before dark settles, along the river near my home.  These moments are especially important for me these days because the world feels even more unsettled to me.  I pray that we can each help our world to move in a constructive, rather than destructive direction.  "Peace" is the November theme for Girls Just Wanna Paint. You can all our paintings here.    As always, thank you for looking.

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