Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Hingham Skyline" 6 x 9 ink and w/c pencil

Most Sunday mornings I head to church early with my pastor husband, and have an hour more or less, while he readies church, and I don't need to be there.  Sometimes I read, or grade quizzes, or read the paper, or draw.  Today I spent some time on a side street drawing the skyline ahead of me; a church, a parish hall, the Square Cafe, and a few lampposts.  It was a beautiful New England winter morning, sparkling air, no wind, about 35 degrees.  Reminded me that years ago I was visiting a friend in San Diego in February.  It was about 60 degrees.  I said, "why don't we bundle up and walk the beach?"  He said, "That must be a New England thing"... um.  Yup.
This is my 70th daily drawing.  Thank you for taking a look.  I appreciate your time.

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