Monday, December 25, 2017

"In the Tree" 9 x 6 pen & ink

We have been very busy, as most are this time of year.  School was out Friday with a half day.  All our middle school students complete a math portfolio each year which is several weeks of work incorporating a lot of math concepts and creativity.  Their presentations were this week and all their grades are finished!!  Crazy busy week, along with Christmas preparations, etc.  Everything has come together in a few minutes here and there... sort of how I paint.. an overall plan, some attention here, a little attention there, measuring progress, reevaluating strategies and objectives, a little more attention here and again there... stepping back to evaluate multiple times, then done.  Last night I spent a few minutes in front of our Christmas tree drawing a vignette in the branches  with some of my favorite ornaments.  Some work here and there and eventually, we're done.  Merry Christmas. 

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