Tuesday, December 05, 2017

"Providence Art Club" 5 x 5 ink & colored pencil - daily drawing 65

I spent this afternoon with my Girls Just Wanna Paint group at the Providence Art Club.  What a magnificent facility, a grouping of three buildings in the heart of Providence with large gallery spaces, a beautiful and spacious classroom, several dining rooms a lounge and some studio spaces.  It is a rabbit warren of smaller rooms through which you wander, emerging into big open spaces.  There is art in every nook and cranny, hanging in the hallways, the bathrooms, the dining areas, over the water fountain, tucked between two windows, etc.  The space is sumptuous.  We spent a leisurely afternoon, looking at art, talking business, critiquing each others' work, and enjoying one another's company.  
This is my sixty-fifth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking, as always.

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