Thursday, August 03, 2017

"Simply Simon's" oil 10 x 10 w.i.p.

  The house we rent each year on Monhegan Island is up Horn Hill, steep walk, but well worth it with its open floor plan, view of the mainland 12 miles distant above Manana, 240 degree (math teacher estimate) vista, glorious sunsets and views of approaching weather.  Half way down the hill is a flat area with a granite block bench and small memorial to Bill Cameron, a longtime resident who passed away in 2009.  A small sign invites visitors and asks them to "leave no trace".  I love pausing there, and painting there from above the village.  Tucked in behind a graceful pine is the home of artists Arline Simon and Moe Oberman, both of whom we met when we first began visiting the island about 15 years ago.  Moe and Arline are not on the island this year, and their absence is felt.  Here is a blog post about Arline, me and a painting swap over 5 months, and another about a visit with them, and a last post about dinner at their house when we discovered Moe's love of Fred Astaire.  The last one includes one of my favorite Astaire dance numbers, in the toy store from movie "Easter Parade".  So, I spent some time sitting above their house and painting this week, remembering their joy and sass. The painting is not quite finished; I will post again when I complete it.  Whatever happens to this eclectic home, I will always think of it as Simply Simon's, and thank God for the day I followed Arline's small shingle arrow pointing behind the  hedge to her studio.... "A. Simon  T, Th 2-4".   Here is a video of Arline being interviewed a few years ago about her work here on Monhegan.  

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