Monday, August 07, 2017

"The Bog" and a Birthday Card watercolor & ink 3 x 5

  Each year we visit Monhegan Island for the same week(s).  Turns out lots of other people visit the same way.  We have met some wonderful people during these weeks, see them year after year, have become friends, watched their children grow, etc.  We look forward to catching up each summer.  In fact, we have a standing date for the 1st Thursday in August with a friend and her daughters for dinner at our rented house.  She brings the fish, we provide the rest.  This particular friend stays in the Abraham Bogdanove House, affectionately known as "The Bog".  
Abraham Bogdanove visited Monhegan in 1918, bought a house here shortly after, and spent time painting on Monhegan every year for the rest of his life.  His seascapes are powerful and energetic.
Our friend, Laura, rents his house for a couple of weeks each summer.  I created this card for her birthday today so she can have her own painting of the house she loves to visit each summer.   


  1. What a lovely birthday card. My artist neighbor gave me a painting she did of a corgi for my birthday last year. I had lost my corgi recently and was so thrilled with my gift.

    1. What a thoughtful neighbor uou have. Thanks, Jerry