Wednesday, August 02, 2017

"Forklift" - next pass, and Andrew Winter at the Monhegan Museum

Yesterday I posted my watercolor and ink sketch of the forklift on the Monhegan dock.  Today I added some more watercolor from a different watercolor set I brought that has a little more pigment in its pans.  My goal was to add some mid-range values to the forklift and to bring in the contrasting cools of Manana in the  background.  I may or may not add some color to the people waiting on the dock for their departing ferries.   

Today was interesting, did some drawing, met a nice couple over here from Orono, ME, and visited the Lighthouse Museum.  This year's show is titled "Reckoning with Nature, Andrew Winter, at Monhegan Island".  Winter (1893 - 1958) arrived on Monhegan in the early 1930s.  He spent a decade living full time on the island and painted its rugged topography and working families.  I chose a few of his paintings here of Manana during the winter.  
I will visit the exhibit at least once more  during my stay here on the island to drink in the rich colors and strong design in each of Winter's paintings.   His darks are  layer upon layer of varied, rich color shifts that convey the majesty of the rocks on this beautiful island. In fact, we renewed our family membership to the Museum to help support its important work here.  Here is a link if you are interested in checking out this gem of a museum.   

As always, thanks for looking.   

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