Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Forklift" pen & ink with watercolor 10 x 9

At 2pm, weather permitting, the Balmy Days ferry from Boothbay Harbor  offers a half hour circumnavigation-of-the-island tour, then stops to exchange tour passengers for those returning to the mainland.  I take the tour several times each week we are here.  It's a nice mid-afternoon sojourn, visually sumptuous every single time.  After the tour, I may hang around the dock area enjoying the hubbub of people returning from day's hikes to catch their ferries back to Boothbay Harbor or Port Clyde.  
Yesterday I parked myself on a rock behind a small forklift.  I loved the way it framed the people, and beautiful Manana, the small island across the harbor. And, I like the contrast of the natural beauty here, those traveling for the day to enjoy it, and the small workhorse waiting for some heavy deliveries from the mainland.  I sketched the scene and added in a touch of watercolor for the shadows. There is a nice contrast between the greens and blues (which you can't see yet) in the sky and on Manana against the industrial orange of the small Toyota forklift.  I can see a large painting here and will begin to work it up.


  1. Jody, your paintings are always a feast for my eyes, whether sketch, watercolor, or oil painting. I love your vision and your style of line and laying in color no matter the medium. I too love when you are on Monhegan (sorry if I misspelled; didn't scroll up to check out your spelling).

    1. Hi Autumn Leaves, thanks for the high praise. So happy to be back.

  2. Lovely Jody...I can feel the sea breeze! :))