Friday, June 01, 2018

Day 239 "Morning Color" mixed 8 x 9

Each morning I sit on our porch with my coffee and fill my senses with the sounds, smells, and sights of our yard.  The sun pours through the trees from the east, birds are busy among the flowers, and our gold fish pond bubbles away.  This week, these small iris popped open.  They last briefly, but are so beautiful.  In the morning, they are backlit by the sun, and they sparkle against the green blue of the shaded trees.  That was a challenge to capture, but I laid in the yellow and green in watercolor, then the purple/pink of the iris.  Then I ramped up the darkness of the green blue with a series of colored pencil layers, darkened the yellow with pencil and added some yellow pastel in and among the greens.  
This is my two hundred thirty-ninth daily drawing.  It is my take on the theme "home" for our Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for the month of May.  Click through the link to see all our takes on the theme "home".  Thank you for looking at the world through my eyes. 


  1. The word "freedom" instantly came to mind here. The glorious countryside, irises standing tall, healthy, proud in this land of ours. I love the piece, Jody.

    1. Thanks, Autumn. I love this vignette from my porch. Thank you for the connection to "freedom".