Monday, June 25, 2018

Day 259 "Sunflowers - Six Views" 12 x 9 ink & watercolor

Each week, there are bundles of flowers for the taking at our church; plenty for all.  So, each week, I bring home whatever strikes my fancy.  This week I brought home a bunch of sunflowers.  Yesterday I painted the whole bunch as a watercolor sketch.   Today, I taped off the page into six boxes, rotated the arrangement six times, drawing from a different angle each time.  You can see the painting in progress in the following photos.  I drew the view, turned the vase until something else caught my eye, then turned again.  It is interesting to study a subject so many ways. This is my two hundred fifty-ninth daily drawing. Thank you for your continued interest in the world through my eyes. 


  1. Very pretty, and the taping idea is so original, I mean the effect is great. What kind of tape does one use so that one can take it off at the end without destroying the picture? Best regards.

  2. Thanks, Susi. I use a painter's masking tape, available at hardware stores, don't know the brand. It comes in thicker and thinner widths. And, it works better with some paper than others. My books are Aquabee 93 lb paper, and the tape peels off well. I don't leave it on for more than a few days.