Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 246 "Ready the Fleet" 6 x 9 ink and watercolor

 This morning I spent a little time up by the Hingham yacht club watching teens preparing their fleet of boats for sailing.  It was a very calm morning, and the boats look like fish out of water laid out on the dock.  Behind them, a couple of boats moved slowly out of the harbor in the almost windless morning.  The boats are so graceful in the water, and so ungainly lined up on the dry dock.  I liked the sense of pending action.  By the way, that's always what I found funniest about the Far Side cartoons... something was often about to happen. Action pending... Here's an example:

And, here's a photo on site this morning.  What a nice way to begin my day.


  1. Your joy of life comes through each piece, Jody. I really love the flowers below.

    1. Thanks, Autumn. I made the mistake of listening to NPR while I was painting in my car. I usually listen, but the joy of painting combined with the often somber news was a bit of a conflict. Next time... music or silence.