Sunday, June 03, 2018

Day 240 "Juried Fine Art" ink and colored pencil 6 x 9

 The North River Arts Society Festival Juried Fine Art Show ended today. It was a strong show.  I usually work the pick up, always a pleasant time to connect with fellow artists.  We generally have a big crowd, because people show up a little early, and get a chance to look at the intact show for the last few minutes of its display.  Here is one view of the gallery.  The front wall facing the front door and street is red, looks great with a lot of the local art.  Here's a photo of the front wall.  One of my paintings is on the lower right.  The inside walls are a green/gold/neutral which shows work very well, too. It was interesting to observe how warm that green/gold/neutral is away from the windows and how cool it is when influenced by the windows.  Big shift in temperature.
This is my two hundred fortieth daily drawing; thank you again for taking a look at the world through my eyes.


  1. It is a wonderful piece, Jody. I was studying the perspective and love it. Congratulations about your showing too.

    1. Thanks, Autumn. The perspective was so interesting with the intersecting walls holding the paintings. I love our old art association building.