Thursday, May 31, 2018

Day 238 "Tree Patterns Complete" 12 x 9 mixed

The other day, I tried a new drawing technique I found in Moira Huntly's book, and I posted the result as my daily drawing number 236.  I liked the result, but after wiping out the charcoal to reveal the watercolor beneath, I felt the remaining black was too stark and even sinister.  For today's daily drawing, I took "Tree Patterns" and brightened the yellow coming from behind using soft pastel and I softened the hard edges of the black using some warm sienna pastel along a few of the edges, and a little cool pastel in the areas most removed from the bright morning light.  I think the overall effect is much more successful, and a good way to build on the wipe away technique.  
What do you think?
This is my two hundred thirty-eighth daily drawing.  Thanks for joining me on the journey.   


  1. Never saw the original as dark and sinister but I do like the addition of the yellow. It looks like sunrise through the trees!

  2. Thanks, Autumn. That's exactly what I was going for... glad it came across.