Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Day 236 "Tree Patterns" mixed 12 x 9 - trying something new

I have been sitting on my porch with coffee in the mornings, looking at a group of trees in the corner of the yard.  In the morning, the sun comes in behind them, making beautiful sunlit patterns. 
Recently, I was looking through Moira Huntly's book "The Artist's Drawing Book" by David and Charles publishers 1994. (picture below).  She has a number of interesting techniques, including one I began to explore today.  
I laid down a watercolor wash to approximate the greens and values of the trees. Then I laid charcoal over the entire page, and wiped out the lights using a gum eraser.  I'm interested in the results, and will spend more time working in this piece.  The eraser can build hard and soft edges.  When I go back in, I will lay some yellow pastel to soften the edges of the black trees, and maybe use some ink for more definition.  Not sure.  I like the experiment. 
This is my two-hundred thirty-sixth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking. 


  1. What an interesting technique, Jody! I can see that morning light in the trees beautifully!

  2. Thanks, Autumn. I may try to soften some of the hard black edges, because it's reading a little "thorny forest from Disney's Sleeping Beauty"... or something sinister, and the view I have is welcoming.