Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Day 237 "Lunch at Lucky's" 6 x 9 ink, pencils & marker

Today was a beautiful day.  After some morning busyness, my daughter and I had a relaxing lunch at Lucky Finn's Cafe in Scituate Harbor.  We sat next to the harbor, had great food, conversation, and time together.  I loved the overlap of the people inside and outside, out of the light and in the light, with all the surrounding geometry.  I added color using some Faber Castell colored pencils, then continued to darken the interior with warm gray markers.  
This is my two hundred thirty-seventh daily drawing.  Thank you for continuing to look at the world as I see it these days.  


  1. Oh I do love this. I wish I could sketch and paint like you, Jody. This one makes me want to shop and go out for lunch!

    1. Thanks, Autumn. This is such a sweet spot for hanging around. It used to be a fascinating shop of very cool antiques, finds, treasures.... and now it's a wonderful coffee shop.