Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 230 "Downtown Crossing - Three Views" ink, marker, pencil 9 x 12

Don't you love the city buildings?  Sky peaks through between the vertical facades, while people scurry about down below.  These are three views of Boston's Downtown Crossing area, each from the same point of view, but with different focus.  I always enjoy the dynamic view, buildings shift as I take a step or two in any direction, and people constantly shifting the arrangement on the ground.  It's exciting.  
This is my two hundred thirtieth daily drawing.  Thank you for continuing to look at the world through my eyes.  


  1. Magnificent scale/proportion work, Jody. I fear this is yet another area in which I struggle. Love the gray wash with drops of color to give it life.

    1. Thanks, Autumn. I used the same image of Downtown Crossing for all three of these drawings, just zoomed in and changed the scale, with different point of interest for each. Thanks for looking.