Wednesday, November 01, 2017

"City of Light" 9 x 12 mixed #Inktober

Our challenge for Girls Just Wanna Paint during October is "chiaroscuro" which is a pictorial representation of values without color. (Click the word for the entire definition).  I have been doing a series of drawings using ink for the #Inktober challenge, this being my 31st.  I decided to create an image in approximately five values, one being the tint of the paper I chose.  I drew this image of Paris in ink, then used a brush with some india ink for the darkest value, following with white conte crayon for the lightest value.  I also used my warm gray marker and layered combinations of the warm gray and lightly applied conte to soften the black and the edges.  The black is a little heavier than I prefer, but I am very interested in the experiment.  Chiaroscuro drawing traditionally involves tinted paper and an indication of values.  As always... thank you for looking!. 

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