Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Monhegan Sketchbook July 2

Today was an interesting day (as they all are) here on Monhegan.  A friend stopped by for a breakfast visit.  We compared notes about daughters heading off to college.  She commissioned me to do a painting for her friend as a wedding gift.  On my way out to the harbor, I chatted with a couple of people and was invited into their homes for a look see.  I love looking at the homes here on the island!   Each is unique, offers its own views and angles of the beloved island.  Today was a bonus day as I was privileged to see two interesting, rustic homes.

There is some pretty good chop going on in the harbor perhaps due to Hurricane Arthur marching up the coast.  I love sitting by the waves, and absorbing their heady rhythm.  I made my way down to the harbor to do some drawing, and was pleasantly surprised by my husband showing up to hang out, followed shortly thereafter by our daughter and her friend.  The four of us hung out while I pulled out my sketchbook. 

I'll probably lay some watercolor into these drawings, but here's today's efforts.  Oh, look at the second picture up top.  Squashed bugs are the hallmark of artists painting on location!  

Thanks for looking.  As always, I love your comments. 

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