Friday, July 18, 2014

Monhegan Pitkin Cottage Window - Two Views

 Across from Monhegan's Library sits tiny Pitkin Cottage.  The Library and cottage are part of one of Monhegan's two street intersections, if you could call them that.  Theirs is the more northern of the two intersections. The church sits in the other.  As visitors stroll into the Pitkin intersection, they pass the Library, gaze shifts to the left and the Monhegan Schoolhouse, then to their maps, then to the decision ahead at the fork in the road: up to the right leads to the Lighthouse and Museum, and up to the left leads to the Ice Pond and/or Cathedral Woods.  Because of this rhythm, I believe most people don't see the Pitkin cottage, though it is certainly in plain view. My theory is actually based on empirical evidence.  I have painted and sketched in a number of spots on this path, amid the pedestrian traffic.

What's the point?  So.  The Pitkin cottage used to have these beautiful (and worn) windows filled with a collection of blue bottles on both sides of its tiny kitchen.   I loved looking through the kitchen at the bottles in front of bottles with the sun-filled interior sandwiched between them. The windows have since been replaced with more practical new ones. Here are a couple of takes on the lovely windows, or as I call it, "an interior painted from the exterior". In both cases, after asking permission, I painted standing in the yard, right on the edge of the intersection I described above.  No one saw me either time.  Invisible in plain sight.  It's a skill... maybe a superpower if you could invoke it with intention.   

Thanks for looking.  As always, I love your comments.


  1. I get such a VanGogh sense from the oil is stunning with its colors! As much as I love watercolors, the oil sings to my heart!

  2. you do have super powers especially when it comes to your fantastic sketches !!!
    I love them :)