Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Monhegan Sketchbook July 1st - "Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop"

There's a small coffee shop on Monhegan by the dock, with great 12 over 12 windows that look out at the harbor and Manana.  The Barnacle is a nice place to have a beverage, or an ice cream, or a cup of chowder, or a scone... you get the picture.  The building is very old, so I have to duck under its cross beams which I would guess started at about 6 feet from the floor, but have settled a bit over the years.  On a sunny day, people come and go, and can pick up a few postcards, some blueberry jam, and maybe a bottle of wine just before embarking on their Monhegan visit, or their ferry ride back across to the mainland.  You can sit at the oil cloth-covered tables and pass some time on a sunny day.  Each year, there are different little past times in baskets on the tables. One year it was Madlibs, another year we found Magnetic Poetry sets, and another year those little sliding puzzles that can drive you bonkers.

When the weather is foul here on the island, the few small shops, the library, and The Barnacle get crowded with damp, steaming island visitors looking for warmth and distraction.  The two drawings above are from such a day when the Barnacle was packed!  We were lucky to get a table, to play a little solitaire, open the sketch book and wait out the passing torrents. "Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop" is my take on this month's Girls Just Wanna Paint theme for June, "interiors".  Check out the other entries on our blog.  

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