Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Top of the World 9 x 12 oil

We rent a house for a part of each summer on Monhegan Island.  It is on the top of Horn Hill... the top.  Before we arrive, while we are packing at home, The Hill becomes notorious, and a bit exaggerated, in terms of its height, its steepness, the stamina needed to climb it.  When we are bringing new friends with us, the Horn Hill lore can be intimidating.  Truth is... it is steep.  It is up there.  But, it is certainly doable, and absolutely glorious.  We watch the sunset over the 12-mile distant mainland every evening that it reveals itself.  We watch weather approach and  take on  fascinating size and shape when it nears this lump of rock in the ocean.  Every morning, I look North from the deck to see this wonderful view, divided by this luscious group of three trees.  The view without the tree would be amazing in itself, but the tree adds a beautiful vertical counterpoint to the horizon and village below.  

"On Top of the World" is my take on the Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for July, theme "Tree".  

Thanks for looking, and as always, I love your comments.


  1. Lovely painting Jody. Beautiful colours. All the best Jody.

    1. Thanks, Vic. Looking back through my blog posts and longing for Monhegan just a few short months away.

  2. What a gorgeous painting (and view). I love the impasto effects and the colors. What a lucky girl you are to be able to stay here for your vacation!

  3. Thank you, Vic, Crimsonleaves, and Jerry. I am inspired by the wild beauty of Monhegan.