Monday, July 28, 2014

Monhegan Sketchbook July 28

 We're back on Monhegan!  A friend is here with her partner and their two moms, both in their 80's.  Our friend rented a golf cart to aid with the moms' mobility on the island, and I had the pleasure of painting with them up on Lighthouse Hill yesterday. I need to do a little tweaking, then will post that painting later this week.  Today it has gone from gray to drizzle, to SIDEWAYS DOWNPOUR, and now maybe to some clearing.  I have been working in my sketchbook, using watercolor and/or watercolor pencils.  Here are some recent images. 

As always, thanks for looking.  I love your comments, too.


  1. I just love your colors here! Is that a bit of blue pastel in the second image? The trees are gorgeous too!! Oh to be able to paint like this!!

  2. I love your sketches, Jody....You are an inspiration....

  3. Thanks, CrimsonLeaves. I have been trying some layering with Derwent watercolor pencils. I can apply them, activate with some water, then layer back on top with more pencil right into the wet. I like the variety of textures.

  4. sublime drawings.
    We're headed to Nova Scotia for a week and I'm only bringing watercolors and sketchbooks.
    Carry on master sketcher ;)