Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 198 "St. Stephen & Symphony" mixed 9 x 7

I hopped into Boston recently to have dinner with my daughter.  We parked and walked through the sweet little streets behind Symphony Hall over to our favorite grill.  I love the quiet neighborhood with brownstones and interesting stoops and doorways.  When I looked over my shoulder at tone point, I saw the iconic YMCA sign above the brick houses.  When I lived in that neighborhood years ago, I used the Y as my gym.  It had a suspended wooden track above the basketball court space, a clever, and old design that maximized use of scarce city space.  I can hear it now, loud, shoes squeaking on the wooden court floor with the regular pounding of feet on the elevated track.  
This is my hundred ninety-eight daily drawing.  Thanks for looking at the world through my eyes.

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