Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 194 "Night Crew" mixed 4 x 9

The other night, I was sitting in my car waiting, and saw a crew setting up for construction on the main drag.  I watched their seemingly random movements as machinery appeared, cones and lights arrived, then suddenly, every clicked into synchronized action; police were strategically placed, cones divided 1/4 mile of the road, light wands were in action to signal and direct traffic.  They were a well-oiled and practiced machine, and I could imagine that if any piece were out of synch, this operation would be a disaster.  Meanwhile, their yellow machinery and jackets made a sweet vignette on the night street.  
This is my hundred ninety-fourth daily drawing.  I drew the crew and equipment in pen & ink, and then shaded with a variety of gray markers.   I added some yellow and orange pencil, then some China white in the trees, with blue to add the feeling of dusk.  Thanks for your comments and ideas.  I appreciate every one.

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