Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 197 "After Fitzgerald" marker 6 x 9

I was thinking about Monhegan Island today, and looked up artist, James Fitzgerald.  His work is so powerfully designed.  Here is an example, "Frank Pierce, A Fisherman of Monhegan", oil, 1944, 17 x 23.  Look at the activity in this painting, it is roiling with the action of those gulls swarming about the fisherman's table. The gulls are tied together so well, with beautiful Manana Island as their backdrop.  I did a quick sketch of the design in marker, only darkening Manana in the back. Look how some aspect of each gull is aimed at the fish we can not see Frank Pierce cutting, but we know that's where the action is.  This painting builds space within itself.  It is exciting, dynamic... makes me want to hold it up to people on the street corner, proclaiming its mastery.  Really.  Sometimes you just want to share the joy.  
This is my hundred ninety-seventh daily drawing.  Thank you again for the pulpit.  

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